Our drinking water and wastewater treatment solutions involve a wide array of innovative water treatment technologies

Membrane Treatment Systems

Membrane treatment technologies are ideal for drinking water production and for treating industrial process water where a high degree of purity is required such as boiler feed water. Advanced membrane treatment technologies employed include:

We offer both custom and standard membrane treatment solutions. See our Product Catalogue for a detailed listing of our standard membrane filtration systems.

SIBROM Biological Filtration System

SIBROM stands for: Sapphire Integrated Biological Reverse Osmosis Membrane. Like the name suggests, raw water is first treated through a sophisticated series of biological filters before passing through an array of reverse osmosis (RO) filters. The result is highly purified, biologically stable water that conforms to the most rigorous water quality standards in the world.

MBBR Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plants

MBBR stands for: Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor. These compact wastewater treatment plants combine the latest in biological and other advanced wastewater treatment technologies into small footprint, highly efficient wastewater treatment plants.

Automated Controls

A key factor in the smooth operation of any water or wastewater treatment system is the effectiveness of the electronic control system employed. At Sapphire all water treatment control systems are designed, programmed, manufactured and tested in house to ensure compliance with design parameters and CSA Standards.