Biological Treatment

Leading Edge Biological Water Treatment Technologies 

The power of sustainable Biological filtration is a key element in two of our most sophisticated water treatment systems.  In each case, indigenous micro-organisms are safely employed, in large numbers, to purify water through natural metabolic processes.

The first is our Sapphire Integrated Biological Reverse Osmosis Membrane or SIBROM system.  Here, as the name implies, raw water passes through a series of Bio-filters before final treatment in an RO membrane filtration unit.  This powerful combination of biological and membrane treatment technologies, consistently produces biologically stable drinking water that conforms to the highest water quality standards in the world. READ MORE

The second is our Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor or MBBR waste water treatment technology.  Here again these small footprint, self-contained, packaged waste water treatment plants employ the power of natural microbiological metabolic processes to deliver environmentally benign effluent that consistently conforms to the tightest water quality requirements anywhere.

SIBROM Presentation